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Name: Nathaniel S K

Nickname: Nate

Birthday: October 1st
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Linear
Height: 5’8
Time Zone: Central Time Zone
Time and Date: 11:08 August 30th
Average Hours of Sleep: 7ish 
Last thing I googled: Top colleges for communications
Most used phrase: streets ahead
First word that comes to mind: monsoon 
What I last said to a family member: “goodnight.“
One Place That Makes Me Happy and why: My car; it’s the only place where when I’m in complete control. The music, where I’m going, what I’m doing.
How many blankets I sleep under: Two
Favorite Beverage: Smoothie; usually a breakfast smoothie. Love those things.
3 things I can’t live without: Television, Books, running shoes.
Something I plan on learning: Boxing
Advice to my followers: Achieve happiness. It’s all we ever want in the end. You don’t need anything or anyone else as long as you’re happy. You could be dying and happy, or be in prison and be happy. You can be an atheist and be happy. Just be happy.
Listen to this: junip-line of fire
My blog: @sayersroar
Twitter: @nardesch

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List of Transfer Schools

So. Here we are again. Me unhappy with where I’m at and a possibility to take the reigns on my own life, and live it for me.

I’ve got a list of schools that will help me obtain my goals. I hope to transfer from Truman State University in the spring of this upcoming year.

Here is the rough-draft list:

  1. Texas Christian University
  2. University of Missouri-Columbia
  3. Saint Louis University
  4. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  5. University of Arizona
  6. Gonzaga University
  7. Baylor University
  8. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  9. University of Wisconsin-Madison

I’ll be updating you all on the specifics of everything soon.

don’t know why but I keep thinking becausechildish is Logic.


Yes, I cried for Jesse.

Well done everyone!

Ever want to just crash and burn and see who cares enough to help you up?

My dad called today asking me about my week. Then told me I have a deadline for transfer info. Friday.

Thinking about Gonzaga and SLU. Knowing I won’t get out. Feeling nauseous about the future.

I miss my buddies RZA, DH, and PTP. Want to visit Seattle for me, not for PTP.

I’m a wiz kid, I am talented.

I haven’t experienced anything intimate with anyone since senior year of high school. I’m forgetting what it felt like.

Remember Paul? He’s been dead for nearly 3 months now.

Re-watching Breaking Bad. Feeling more and more like Jesse and how we don’t live up to our family’s expectations, and how we are alone.

I’ve wanted to learn how to box for the longest time. Never been in a place that offers it.

Classes this semester:

If you read my drivel lately, it’s been mostly scatter-brained. But knowing me and knowing my writings that are available on this website, you should think that this schedule is not compatible with someone like me.

Gonna go for a run at 7AM tomorrow morning. Want to be alone. Want to sweat. Want to have success.

Deeply thought-out wants become needs sooner or later.

you ever just want someone to tell you all the answers?

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if you’re bored, read my short story. 

Runner Boy

a short story.

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dreamy-sluts asked: Heyy! When you find this in your ask, share 5 facts about yourself and then pass it on it your 10 favourite followers ❤️


1. I am extremely frugal with money because I was exposed to a lifestyle where my parents will talk about money and how much things cost in front of me, which makes me paranoid about spending and living in the moment.

2. I secretly love to sing but my voice is so congested that I am hesitant to do it in public.

3. I sometimes think about the heroes in my life and flirt with the idea of naming my children after them, and I’ll say it out loud to see what it sounds like and whether or not I can find a way to make a mean nickname out of it. Basically, I was supposed to be named Luke or Sloane, but my uncle said people would call me Lucas Pukeas, and Sloan is a brand of toilet. So I’m Nate.

4. Sometimes I’ll gamble in my head to see if something will happen. For instance, I’ll think, “If it rains tomorrow, I’ll be successful.” Usually it does not work out for me. At least it’s not with money, just with fate. 

5. I am strongly considering joining the peace corps after I graduate college.