The Roar

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Selfies from Utah


The sky was made of amethyst, the sky was all violet, I wanna give the violet more violence.

Per request by leone, selfies from Utah

Against my intentions my laptop is back in the shop for the same repair. Stay tuned for writings and stories of the west.

this is my new old shit

"first with the head, then with the heart"

- (via classicallyleone)

Started from the bottom, got to the top, and made it back down. Now we’re here.

Tomorrow is my last day in Utah. It’s also the most daring day of the trip. I’ll be hiking up Angel’s Landing, which is known to be extremely dangerous and has resulted in numerous deaths.

This is just a head’s up. I’ll tell you I made it tomorrow. Take that as a sign I’m alive.

going to Utah for a week hiking and writing. I’ll be on mobile but inconsistently. 


i wish i had internet friends to share the internet with.

twitter: @nardesch


no one realer than this dude. I hope he’s ok.

(Source: Spotify)

and i’m not trying to be big-headed. this is just what happens when it’s late.